Poipu Bay

The Poipu Bay Golf Shop

The award-winning Golf Shop carries fashionable golf attire and accessories with Poipu Bay’s distinctive logo depicting five iiwi (Hawaiian Honey Creeper) birds in a circular pattern resembling a flower. In addition, you’ll find contemporary resort and casual wear.

Ship your souvenirs and gifts home

The courteous and friendly staff at the Golf Shop are happy to send your souvenirs and gifts directly to your home. Simply ask about shipping options when you make your purchase.

Poipu Bay Golf Pro Shop

The Poipu Bay Shop Carries Stylish Logo Wear and Golf Accessories

Shop by phone or e-mail

To purchase an item that you saw in the shop after you return home, or think there may be something that you’d be interested in, inquire with the Golf Shop. Call 808-742-8711, or send email.

An Ocean-Front Championship Course in Sunny Poipu

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